Warning: Grumpy Post

So I want to get my bloodwork done this AM... Fasting bloodwork, which means I'm hungry, which equals grumpy.

They told me the wait would be an hour. AN HOUR. I was like, no way, and they were like, yes way, so I scheduled an appointment to come back on Friday. This Friday. Good Friday. Otherwise known as the first day I was going to sleep in since like... before my marathon plan started about a million years ago.

And then... driving in to work, my 2008 Scion XB check engine light came on AGAIN. For the third time...

Good news: I'm a grumpy enough customer that the dealership KNOWS I'll be getting a loaner at this point. Bad news: I got better things to do w/ my time then give my car to the dealership every few weeks so they can look under the hood and go, Huh?

And while I'm being grumpy: Accu-Chek is now giving users FREE skins. Why does this piss me off? Because Minimed charges ten bucks for the same thing? (Albeit for a different device.)

Which reminds me: I haven't updated my Minimed saga in a while. Last October, Minimed advised me that they could bill my insurance directly for blood sugar strips, even though I use a mail order pharmacy (which has worked flawlessly for years). I said there was no need to do it, but the Minimed rep insisted it would work out better.

If by "better" he means that Minimed now claims I owe them $612 for blood sugar strips my insurance company won't pay for, I guess they're right.

Along the way, I've jumped through every hoop Minimed's asked me to... Long story short, they (admittedly) did the paperwork wrong at the beginning, but haven't written off the bill yet. Meanwhile, I've been resubmitting whatever Minimed wants to the proper insurance company, but to no avail, (since Minimed didn't have the Dr. write the script correctly in the first place). Last week they put my account on hold and I practically crawled through the phone to wring their neck. They took the account off hold and supposedly are "reviewing the account," though the collection agent warned me that it might take a while because she works in a call center and has calls to make. Get that? She can't take the time to fix their mistake because her job is to shake down other customers.

So, that's that... the labs are too busy to take my blood, I'm going to be driving yet another rental car for a few days and Minimed wants me to pay them six hundred bucks for their mistake, which they've already admitted to (which I assure you will never, ever happen).

Saving grace? My 19 mile run on Sunday went great. Average pace of 8:11, the day after a 9 miler at 7:30 pace. So at least there's that. :)


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