Of Scotland, London and More...

It's a shame I'm a bad blogger, because I have a lot to say. In the past week, I've run up this mountain in Edinburgh and twice have run by Princess Di's house in London. I've learned that while London still doesn't thrill me, I'm a certified fan of Scotland. I bought a very touristy Scotland shirt and will wear it with pride.

Alas, I'm not a millionaire playboy, so what that also means is that I'm traveling for business, which means:

1) I get up early in the mornings to run.
2) I work all day. This week, it's here.
3) The team and I visit awesome restaurants and rustic pubs all night.

That's why it's 12:30am right now and I've got no time for this sort of thing. However, of all my trips to the UK, this has been my favorite and - for once - I've taken pictures. Here's hoping I have time to get them uploaded upon my return.


  1. Hi.. decided I check out your blog and see if you've run anywhere cool lately. That's funny you ran by Princess Di's house... the one in Hyde Park? I'm actually in London for the next few months. I got lost while running a few weeks ago and ended up over by Hyde Park. It's a great place to run!

    Also, if you head down to the Thames you can run pretty much from east to west. I went down through "The City" (financial district area) and ran all along to the west side. really beautiful. Best of luck training for the marathon!


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