Screw You, Sports Illustrated. Runner's World Has It's Own Curse...

A few weeks after appearing in Runner's World, people are calling for NFL referee Ed Hochuli's head.

Maybe that's what happened to Ryan Hill in the Olympics.


  1. In fairness... they've been calling for Hochulie's head for years. But, he's the most recognizable ref out there.

  2. Ryan's last name is Hall.

  3. Congratulations. I was looking for a copy editor and you passed. :)

  4. Hi Marcus,

    How's it going?! Please pardon the unrelated comment. Are you on Twitter? If so, what's your TwitterID; mine's cyberpenguin.

    If not, you should be because there's a whole running community there now, thanks to the efforts of a few of us runners who've broadcast the idea across the net. ;-) In fact, many of your pals are already on Twitter - Eric Gervase, Steve Speirs, little old moi, etc. ;-) It's an easy & instant way to keep in touch w/everybody, including all of your blogger pals without having to IM or email.

    Also, on this note, you'll probably want to check out John Frenette's GoRun link/article & Tim Wilson's article about runners to follow on Twitter.

    Twitter's become a lot more interesting & dynamic of a place to be thanks to the arrival of all the runners. ;-)

    Anyhow, hope to hear from you soon, either via Twitter or an email!


    P.S. Also, BTW, Eric G. recommended that I should speak to you regarding your writing (as you are an award-winning published author) & your experiences with the publishing world. Would you mind sharing your wisdom with a fledgling author? I've gotten some of my poetry published via minor venues but am now seeking a wider audience for my work (fiction, essays, etc.) via major publishing houses. I'd really like to chat with you about the types of writing you do, how you went about getting published, etc., etc. Any advice you could give would be tremendously appreciated! Thanks!

  5. Congratulations. I was looking for a copy editor and you passed. :)



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