Harrisburg Marathon - Bring it, baby!

Despite all of my Harrisburg Marathon, blah, blah, blah - I hadn't registered yet. All through my training plan I told people I'd do it "if the wheels didn't fall off" or "if I didn't blow a knee," etc., etc.

For most of the way, I decided I'd register once I completed all five 20 miles runs... but after completing the last one a few days ago, I decided to hold off a bit longer... Twenty miler #5 really hurt and I wasn't 100% sure I didn't screw something up. I told myself I'd wait until after today's interval workout.

Well, it went fine - better than fine, in fact. I did last week's workout - a 3000, 2000, 800 and 400 - but did it w/ 90 seconds rest today, instead of two minutes. The aches and kinks I had worked themselves by a half mile into the 3000 and I finished up relatively strong and fresh.

Just went to Active (did you know they have a no-refund policy? what a great business model...) and dropped down the coin. Bring it on, Harrisburg Marathon. Let the hurting begin. :)


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