Bigger Budgets For CI

In a study that covered eight countries and the Asia-Pacific region, The Global Intelligence Alliance, a global network of more than 50 competitive intelligence (CI) and business research companies, reports that:

  • 87% of the interviewed companies systematically collected and analyzed information about their external operating environments.

  • 62% of the companies perceived top management as the most important user group of information gathered by CI.

  • 71% of in-house intelligence activities were conducted in a centralized unit.

  • 64% of the researched companies already used a CI technology tool, and an additional 9% were planning to get one.

The intelligence data, collected primarily for strategic purposes, is showing up on executive agendas and is garnering larger budget shares.

Interesting release, though in the US we seem to have more of a trend for decentralization, which isn't necessarily good, mind you. It just seems that in the US Product Managers want to take the fastest line to a decision and that typically doesn't take them into another department.


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