Finally - a Solution for All Those Golfers Who Bonk on the 16th Hole...

No doubt realizing how golf scores head far north on the latter holes, Gatorade and Tiger Woods have teamed up on a sports drink formulated for those who'll fall for anything. (SEE: Lemming)

This move will likely be challenged by golf cart manufacturers world-wide, scared at losing market share on the millions of walkers convinced golf is a sport.


  1. Marcus,
    I concur on the golf being a sport comment.

    I have argued this point with others and I always go back to John McEnroe's comment to the effect "it isn't a sport because you don't run."

    Good luck at H-burg!

  2. Steve,

    Thanks for writing! Glad to see you're blogging, too -- much easier than walking through the yards to ask how your week is going...

    Thanks for the good luck wishes -- definitely ready for Harrisburg to be here and gone.


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