Dry Run - 13 Miles @ Marathon Pace...

This run had me nervous a good bit of the week - I knew I could do it, but I also knew I'd have to feel like I had a certain amount of freshness left at the end of it if I'm going to hold the pace for the whole marathon.

The FIRST plan called for 7:26 miles but I decided to shoot for 7:20-7:22, rationalizing that my first half will need to be a tiny bit faster than the second.

So that I didn't repeat last week's goof, I took 75% of the insulin I usually take with breakfast, set my basal rate to 1/3 normal and wore the pump. (SIDE NOTE: pump fit PERFECTLY in front pocket of Race-Ready shorts. In fact, Race-Ready shorts rocked and I rarely noticed all the crap I was carrying.)

I didn't give myself any pressure on the first mile, letting it be a warm-up. Still, I came through at 7:30, and by then the legs were ready to go. For most of the run, I clocked off nice and even miles - 7:18-7:20. Definitely an effort to keep it under control on the early going and something that I'll have to guard against in two weeks.

Aside from the warm-up, I had a rough 12th mile - 7:28 in a head-win with a hill, and I let myself ease up on the last mile to kind of be a cool down - still came in @ 7:27. Averaged 7:22 for the whole thing (faster if the wu/cd are discounted).

As far as how fresh I am, it's hard to say. No, I'm not 100% fresh, but then again, if you'd stop me at the mid-point of any race, I wouldn't be fresh, either. I don't quite feel like I had 13 miles of steam left, though I'm confident I had at least half of that. Hopefully, a full taper and adrenaline will carry me the rest of the way.

I took a 37 g. e-Gel at the mid-point (6.5 miles) and finished the run with a perfect blood sugar of 95, which is a tad lower than I'd like to be in the "heat of the battle." But in a race, I would've slammed a second e-Gel at that moment, so I think I'm in reasonably good shape there.


Congrats to Eric, Eric's wife Melissa and Christina! I work with Eric and Christina and the 3 of them ripped through the Marine Corp Marathon this morning -- Christina just missed 4 hours, coming in 22 seconds late (which I know she'll be upset about!). Melissa was just behind her at 4:03 and Eric went from a non-runner to a 4:24 marathoner in less than a year. Great job to all of them!


  1. Thanks buddy... It was pretty brutal. But, you've put in all the hard miles. I'm sure you are gonna do awesome.

  2. Your great BG control on this run should be a huge confidence booster for your big run! Looks like you were right on track.

    Week and a half to go - You can do it, and I.... well, I look forward to reading about it! :-)


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