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E-mail Sent to Local Officials in Preparation for Ride for HB 1338

Here's a copy of the e-mail I sent to the 10 legislators I'll be visiting tomorrow:

Dear Representative or Staff,

It's hard for me to believe that tomorrow's the big day, when I will
be looking forward to meeting with you and/or your staff about House
Bill 1338! It's been a whirlwind few weeks of preparation and I'm
looking forward to hitting the pedals tomorrow. A couple of notes
before I do:

1) THANK YOU for your cooperation. When I first had the idea to
attempt ten legislative visits in one day, I had no idea all ten of
you would say yes! It's been thrilling for me to witness first-hand
the willingness of elected officials to meet under such time
constraints, and it's one of the messages I've been spreading to all
those I speak with. So thank you.

2) THANK YOU for your flexibility in advance. Traveling more than 80
miles by bicycle with 10 appointments is as much of a logistical
challenge as it is a physical challenge and I am particularly grateful
that you all …

Ride for HB 1338 Just 2 Days Away!

We're just 2 days away from the big day - more than 80 miles of bicycle riding, coupled with (hopefully) 10 legislative meetings, all in 1 business day.

Below is the map of my journey which begins in Lebanon County with 2 meetings barely 1 mile from each other. From there, I have the biggest leg of the trip (24 miles) over the biggest hill, too, toward Ephrata. From there, it's between 6 and 14 miles to each office.

This past weekend, I tried to navigate a quicker route from Manheim to Columbia, but the there were too many back roads to navigate and I don't want to risk getting lost. Time will be of the essence. Originally I thought it would make sense to trim a mile or 2 here or there, but now I'm more worried about staying on course.

A couple notes:
1) I can't say enough about how accommodating the legislators have all been. All 10 are opening their offices to me, and 5 of the ten meetings are with the actual legislators. They are all also aware of the fact that my s…