Best Tempo Run Yet....

I hate tempo runs... hate them.. hate them... hate them... those who've followed my progress through the FIRST plan know that they came close to de-railing me a few times. I just couldn't handle the long period of pain, without the incentive of crowds, competition, water stops and cool t-shirts.

When I switched up my tempo paces from the FIRST plan (6:50-7:05 for most runs, though some were 7:20) to tempo runs from Fitzgerald's Brain Training Program (7:08), everything started to get a lot better. And when I started to ease into my first mile of tempo (rather than flooring the gas) that helped a lot, too.

Today, in a breezy hard rain, I had my best tempo run yet - after a 7:41 mile warm-up, I ran the next 4 in 7:08 - 7:12 - 7:02 - 6:59. The last mile had a big hill and I wanted to cool down the last quarter mile or so, but I still finished that mile in 7:28. Best part? I'm not even wiped out. I feel good and fresh.

Sunday calls for a 13 mile run @ 7:26 pace (marathon pace)... I've decided to do this one at home on the streets and since it's 7 miles less than the loooong runs, I get to sleep in an extra hour and still be home around 10am (which is about the time the kids are fully awake, dress and wondering how their attention-starved souls will be fed). Woohoo - that'll be cool.

Starting to get really ready for this here run -- two of my co-workers are running the Marine Corp Marathon this weekend and I'm a little jealous -- only because they get to conquer their dragons first. I'm glad I picked a small, local marathon for mine because large crowds and loud bands startle me. :)


  1. Ahh... confess.. You really want to be at MCM. :)

    No, I'm sure you don't. But, we're about to finish it off. Can't wait to see how this all goes. I'll tell you all about it on Tuesday

  2. Congratulations on conquering the tempo run! I think it is one of the best workouts around if you're looking to improve your race times.


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