See you later, March....

One day left in the month, but tomorrow could turn out to be a rest day... or not... rest day could be Sunday. Either way, the numbers are pretty much in.

Going into it, the goals were: 72 miles running, 12 bikes, and 8 swims.... Survey says:

* 87 miles running
* 13 bikes (tomorrow - if anything will be a bike day)
* 3 swims

The lack of swimming can be blamed on a lack of a pool as I decided to join just when ownership was changing hands, so there were ten days when nobody could figure out what to do with me. (Not nearly the first time that's happened.)

I'm pleased with the rest of it, though... 87 miles is my second best running month ever (only five miles less than the #1 month which included not a lick of cross training).. finding bike time is tough, because that's evening time, usually.

Other things of note:
Average run pace: 8:11, down from 8:24 in Feb., and 8:33 in March.
I only flat-out missed 1 planned work-out... I'm proud of that. I missed two in Feb. and five in Jan.

Setting goals for April will definitely be a little strange... I've got a hard week of training to start the month, followed by two weeks of slight taper before the tri... right now planning on skipping 1 bike two weeks before the tri, and possibly 2 bikes the week of... don't plan on tapering run mileage *much* and can't afford to miss any pool time at all. Then there's a 5k race the week after the tri, so that week could be light, too, depending on recovery. So all bets are off on what I'm doing this month, but if I do well in the Tri & the 5k & don't get hurt, we'll call it a good month.

Leaning more and more toward not doing an Oly tri in June and focusing on running for the summer. I'm not a simple person and constantly find myself complicating things... but planning for 1 sport is infinitely easier than planning for 3. Maybe if I were a sucky runner, I'd feel differently, but truth is, it's easily my best sport of the three, so why mess with success? Yes, there's the concept of challenge and challenge rocks, but I'm looking for physical challenge, not organizational challenge (my job and kids give me plenty of that).

Then again, I might just be getting grumpy because I'm at the peak of insanity of training right now... a few weeks could easily change my outlook.


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