Crunch Time Cometh....

Wow, was last week a bear! My only spring-time tradeshow, coupled with an aggressive travel schedule and an aggressive training schedule.

It all started with the 4 Mile Run 4 Luck the weekend before I left. Despite a snow-covered road, I hit my goal, finishing in 27:50. The snowstorm the previous day did a serious number on race entries - I came in 19th overall, and 5th out of 17th in my age group. Only 120 people did the whole race.

Maybe because of the light crowd, I ran a really stupid race. A too-fast 6:30 first mile gave way to a too-slow 7:55 second mile, before I righted myself and ran the last two much more even. But it was a good tune-up heading into next month's triathlon.

I'd tacked on a little extra work the previous week, not sure of how much I'd get to work out in Chicago. In the end, I did pretty well -- we flew into town Monday morning and set up the booth. Prior to opening with a cocktail party, I snuck into hotel gym for bike ride Monday. Tuesday AM, I did a 5.5 mile run on a very windy lake-shore drive out to the Navy pier, finally mixing it up with some strides on a track in the city.

Wed., I rested. Didn't plan to, but it was rainy - I had no rain gear - and the gym was jammed. We got home Thursday at 2am. Thursday over lunch I slept-ran my 10k. On the trainer Fri. and Sat. and in the pool Fri., too (finally!). Rested yesterday.... so I missed 1 workout over a torturous week.

Got a pool plan now. I'm only hoping for two days per week as the spring tri in April is only a 300 yard swim. Not a big deal, either way... but the pool plan will give me some confidence.

All of which means, this is it: 3 weeks of intense training, 1 week of a mini-taper and the sprint triathlon is history. Looking forward to experiencing it and deciding if the summer will be about planning for the other two local triathlons, or putting together a fall marathon plan. With the Lancaster YMCA Triathlon in September, I don't think I can focus on that and still put together a good November marathon.... I think if a guy's gonna do a marathon, he should focus on it... at least if the guy is this guy.

But we'll answer all of that in 4 weeks or so. :) At least, I hope so.


  1. Way to travel *and* train -- never an easy combo. Sounds like a plan for the sprint, but I'm still holding out for you to do a few more tri's this year, plus the marathon. It's totally do-able! You should consider the Philly Tri, if you can still register -- it's flat, fast and fun. Just how I like my women. Wait, that's not right...


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