On Running Fast, Strange Promotions & More...

Great run over lunch today... for more than a month my tempo workouts have all been around 7:50-7:59 miles... nothing I did could bump them down. However, I did notice that my easy runs had become quicker during the same time frame... from 8:35 down to 8:20. I hoped it was only a matter of time before this translated to better tempo workouts. Finally, today it did, as I did my usual lunch-time 10k at a brisk 7:36/mile. Was actually at 7:30 per mile at the five mile mark before the bear jumped on my back a little. But still, this gives me hope that I can break 28 next weekend.

In other news, I got a promotional offer via Active yesterday, offering me a free Enervit RacePack. As a diabetic with a triathlon in a month, this offer couldn't have been more well timed. Though I'll spare you the details, when I went to a local retailer to claim my RacePack, they had no idea what I was talking about and after some phone calls told me that if I called them in three weeks, they might have one for me. Huh?

Anywho, a few e-mails later, my RacePack is coming to me directly from Enervit. The rep from there also explained the snafu, too. So, a stumble out of the blocks but a neat idea for a promotion. Looking forward to trying the products, too!


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