This from KMWorld:

Comintell has released a new version of its competitive intelligence offering. Knowledge XChanger (KXC) V4 retrieves information from any source, including news, reports, internal files, e-mail and RSS feeds; categorizes it automatically according to customers' key intelligence topics; and then distributes it to relevant users.

Version 4 features the following new capabilities:

advanced search options that include integrated Internet search, date range searches and highlighted search terms

Survey Builder, which allows users to create Web surveys to collect primary source information;
a new content retriever module with support for handling RSS feeds (both receiving and publishing);

an e-mail publish function, which allows users to send information into KXC via e-mail;
a usage tracker feature that graphically displays how information is used;
a blog function for editors;

customizable forms and templates for input and comparison of information;

taxonomy management tools for creating customized topic structures;

ability to easily create printable PDF documents;

document version control and traceability;

user management tools, including integrated NT domain authentication; and
a user interface that includes personalized language selection.

Sounds a lot like an ultrapowerful Share-Pointesque solution to me. Nothing revolutionary here, but that's ok, too. The more players in the industry, the better the industry will become.


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