I forgot my anniversary....

No, not that one. That 16th anniversary is coming up and we're celebrating it by spending our first night without the kids. Yes, you heard that right: first night without the kids, ever. That's worthy of a blog post in and of, itself, but nevermind...

Sometime last month (I truly don't know the date), I passed my 25th anniversary w/ diabetes. Twenty five years. The "silver" anniversary, if you will. Random thoughts:

* 25 years without a complication, which is really all that matters. One spot on one eye, that went away by itself. That's it.

* Five kinds of insulin, along the way: Pork Regular, NPH (was it beef?), Synthetic R, Synthetic N (after the others were discontinued --- I was on the piggie stuff 'til the end) and Humalog

* I originally had one of the first Accu-Chek monitors (which I believe cost around $400 and took about three minutes to do a test), moved to a Diascan (sp?), which took 70 seconds. Then I think I went to my first OneTouch, which I think took 20 seconds, before moving on to the Ultra's, UltraSmarts and Mini's about eight years ago. Plus, I've got some European one I had to buy when I left my UltraSmart on a plane to England a few years ago.

* Back then, we used a lot of urine strips, too, but I couldn't tell you the last time I used one.

* I'm on my second insulin pump.

* I've had two ambulance rides, and a third ambulance to my house, but the last was over 17 years ago.

* I rarely wear a medical ID and somewhat consider it redundant, given the insulin pump. But still, I should.

* I think I've only had a few A1C's over 10, and most of them were in college.

* Most of my A1C's were in the 7's until I went on my pump. Now, nearly all are in the 6's.

* Diet Coke only became widely available in the months right before I was diagnosed and it was a godsend. I became hooked immediately and though I prefer Diet Pepsi today, I'll always be grateful to Coke for that.

* Truth is, it's been easier more times than not. I've had a harder time being a good parent, finding (and keeping) good jobs, and trying to qualify for the Boston Marathon than I have had trying to keep my blood sugar under control. Of the struggles in my life, diabetes is there, but it's low on my list, and for that, I'm grateful.


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