RunningAHEAD Garmin Import - INSANE

There are many ways to log your workouts online and though I've played around, I've been a RunningAHEAD guy for some time. RunningAHEAD works for me but - until now - I've never pushed it because we all have our quirks.

Members of RunningAHEAD have been whining about Garmin integration for - seemingly - years, and I've never joined the bandwagon, simply because EVERY Garmin upload tool I've seen (including Garmin's) sucks. They've been pitifully slow. So slow I stopped using them. Keep in mind, I NEVER run without my Garmin, but it was just easier and simpler to upload the workouts manually.

Meanwhile over at RA, people have been asking for it forever, and even though there were a few posts about beta tests, I didn't pay them any attention. Wow - sometimes I love being wrong.

RunningAHEAD now has Garmin integration. It's seamless, simple and as fast as you'd expect it to be (I uploaded my last three workouts in about five seconds).

If you have a Garmin and you record your running online, run - don't walk - to RunningAHEAD.


  1. I've looked at RunningAHEAD in the past but didn't want to go to the trouble of migrating from the online log I've been using. However, this may be the tipping point - I'd love that feature.


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