Random Diabetic Athlete Thoughts...

1) If you read through some recent comments, you'll see Anne's asking if I got my Triabetes t-shirt... Hell, yeah, I did and it rocks! Give Anne a $20 and she'll send you one, too!

2) Speaking of triabetics, the Triabetes website is looking mostly good. I've added triabetic Steve Ahn to my own personal blogroll.

3) I would, however, advise the Triabetic webmaster to can the Google ads. Currently, there's one promising to cure 64% of Type 1 diabetics. Incidentally, this particular lie points here. Assuming the Triabetics are looking for legitimate sponsors like Minimed, Lilly and others, it might help not to let the carnival barkers have ads on their website. In fact, if I were a potential sponsor, I'd make that demand immediately. Removing those ads will stop that objection before it happens.

4) Then again, I suppose it's possible that Halle Berry was cured by Diamaxol. Hmmm.. I can see the ad now, "Hi, I'm Halle Berry. Since I live in a make-believe world, I took a make-believe drug. It make-believe cured me."


  1. Hey Marcus,
    Glad you got your shirt and thanks for your nice words! I love the "blood sugar, sweat and tears" line on the back. :)
    Also, thanks for tip #3. I feel the same as you, and will pass along your comment. It may be that we can get rid of google ads once more sponsors come online, but I'm not in charge of that. A lot of people are putting in significant unpaid time/resources to get things rolling...I'm not sure how much control one has when signing up for google ads but I hate those ads too! I'll look into it.

  2. Tks for your thoughts, Anne. I used to run Google ads on my own site, too, but the goofy ones made it not a good thing, IMO. Very little money to be had for very weird representation.

    Incidentally, I'm speaking only of CONTENT ads in the CONSUMER space (ala my blog and the Triabetic site). In my B2B life, I have entirely different opinions.


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