Milk Run

So as I was getting ready to go out the door last night, the wife goes, "Hey, why don't you bring some milk home."

And at first, I thought the idea was preposterous. While the nearest store is only a half mile from the house and I was heading out for a five miler, who among us carries something when we run? I mean, maybe an iPod or a water bottle, but groceries? But then, a few thoughts occurred to me:

1) Back in days of yore, wasn't the real purpose of running to catch things, like food?
2) When you think about it, modern running tends to be a relatively selfish activity. We take time to accomplish something that benefits nobody besides us (aside from better life insurance rates).
3) Ah, hell, I raced yesterday. It's an easy day today anyway.

So I did it. Ran 4.5 miles. Got two half gallons of milk and brought them home at roughly 8:20 pace. Some thoughts:

1) A gallon of milk weighs a lot when you run with it.
2) It actually only weighs 8 pounds and when I ran my half marathon last year, I weighed 13 lbs. more than I do now.
3) I'm glad I lost those 13 pounds.
4) I hope my wife doesn't forget to buy milk when she grocery shops anytime soon.
5) I'm not as sexist as #4 sounds. I clean the bathrooms.


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