Medtronic CGM

So a while back I announced that the Omnipod and I weren't getting along and I had switched back to my Medtronic pump, coupled with my Dexcom.

I'd also announced that I hoped to try out the Medtronic sensors to determine if maybe I should just renew with Medtronic (I am still "out of warranty," which is the insulin pump user's version of being a free agent).

Incredibly, it's taken six weeks to get Medtronic to set me up with a sensor test. First up, I had to get my Dr. to sign off on it. She was on vacation for a week. But since then, I've gotten a nearly weekly call from Medtronic asking me if my local rep had followed up with me. Each time, I was like, "Uh no," which caused them to respond with disappointment.

The whole thing got to be a little odd, as if I was telling on the Medtronic rep for not doing his job.

At any rate, the rep IS finally scheduled to come to my office this Friday afternoon. Not sure how many sensors I'll try but I plan to run it head to head against the Dex, so I can do a decent evaluation. If I like how the Medtronic runs, I plan to re-up with them. If not, I'll probably sit on the fence and wait for the long-anticipated Animas/Dex integration.

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