Working is Easier Than Not Working...

I took a vacation day today. However, it wasn't a sleep-in, watch tv, drink beer vacation day. Oh nooooo... since we're going out of town this weekend, I sacrificed a vacation day for a 20 mile run (my 4th of 5). Five days after my last long run, it left me a bit, uh, crunchy (to coin a Dave phrase) but with an average pace of 7:52, we'll call it successful.

After that, though, I mowed the grass. And after I post this post, I'm off to the dump with the rest of our trash from our basement remodel (yeah, I know - we finished this like six months ago).

Truth is, it'll be nice to be a cubicle slave again tomorrow (and I use that term loosely.. it's hard to be a slave with free Gatorade just a few feet away).


  1. I wonder how many more pyramids we could have gotten built if there was ample amounts of Gatorde around?


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