Boy Golly Am I Sick of Contractors....

In the past month:

So, the basement is finished. That contractor was awesome.

A dishwasher was replaced. The replacement had a dent, so that required a second visit. Thanks, Sears.

Furniture was delivered. Instead of a couch and a love-seat, they delivered two love-seats. Another apology. Another re-delivery.

Today, the Firedog guys are installing two tv's. Well, they would be, but they don't have the ability to put the ends on the cables my contractor ran for them. Huh? Don't you think if you were Firedog, putting ends on cables would be a skill you'd have. Any jackass can plug them in when they have ends for crying out loud.

So Firedog is doing everything EXCEPT plugging in the cable, which means I won't know if any of this worked until after tomorrow morning when my contractor comes in and puts on the ends of the cables. When I told him my dilemma, he said, "I'd be a little concerned if your TV installers can't put ends on your cables." I give him an "A" for observation and a "C" for sympathy.

At some point, I'm hoping these heroes of the co-ax will leave so I can get a run in, which would add some semblance of normalcy to the day. My employer is generous with Work-at-Home days, and it's almost scary how much I get done when I'm home. Without conversation and co-workers, I'm a relatively productive dude. Just not one with working television at the moment.

Tuesday AM I spoke in NYC which was nice. The moderator of the panel I was on used to be very involved with Runners World and Bicycling Magazine, so I fawned over him like a school girl (even though he's like a 60 year old dude). After speaking, I zipped over to Central Park and did the six mile loop before returning to the train station. These local roads get old and for a guy like me, there's plenty of strange sights to keep me entertained in Central Park (though the 80 year old woman running in a jog bra isn't one I hope to remember very long.).

Alright, back to work and wondering if the Firedog boys are planning on getting anything done today...


  1. Ewwwwwww really? An 80 y.o. running with just a sports bra on as a top? I guess when you're that old you don't give an F anymore, huh? LOL


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