Why I Love Running in the County Park...

The county park has a small herd of (mostly) wild deer that allow me to get surprisingly close to them. However, they've been MIA since hunting season began last week. So far this week, it's been me and the squirrels until today when I came up over the top of a trail and came within 50 feet of a big red fox. Very very cool, and the type of experience you won't find on the roads.

Many running bloggers are linking to this story today and why not? It's well worth the read:
The first thing to know, said Dr. Benjamin Levine, an exercise researcher and a cardiology professor at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, is that no one really knows what limits human performance. There’s the ability of the heart to pump blood to the muscles, there’s the ability of the muscles to contract and respond, there’s the question of muscle fuel, and then, of course, there is the mind.


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